MOM: Hardest Job yet Most Rewarding

Moms are warriors. They go through excruciating pain to bring a child into the world that they carried for nine months and loved without ever seeing their face. From the moment that stick had a plus sign, they now added the title of mom. One of the most awe-inspiring titles that there is. As a mom, they sacrifice everything for the well being of their kids. More than the child even realizes at the time.

As much as they may have had financial trouble behind closed doors, I never went without a meal. My mom may have been wearing shoes that were falling apart at the seams, but I always was given a new pair of cleats when the wear and tear just got to be too much.

Despite the emotional struggles that she may have endured that made her want to curl up in the corner of her room and lock the door, away from any responsibilities, she would still sit on the kitchen floor and talk to us for hours as we cried. Needing her shoulder. Needing her loving touch. Needing to know that she was there. 

She taught us how to be self sufficient, problem solvers if you will. If we did not have the answer right away, you better believe we were not getting it from mom until we utilized all of our other options to try and figure it out. I’ll always thank her for that. She gave us a confidence to not give up when things seemed hard. But to buckle down and turn our brains to the engineering position, asking ourselves, “How are we going to figure this out?”

My mom is a gem. She listens, she loves, she laughs. It is an indescribable gift that she is. Not just to me, but to anyone she encounters. God has blessed her with such a heart for others and a willingness to be there for anyone at the drop of a hat. She would give the shirt off her back to a complete stranger if prompted. She values the heart of others and is just filled with the spirit of God, loving others the way Jesus loves. There is not enough thanks in the world to fully explain or express how thankful I am, that God gifted me to be her daughter.

“Happy Hallmark Holiday,” as my mom would say. 😉

I also gained an amazing mother in law as well, who took me in as her own and has loved me as her daughter. I am thankful to have not experienced any of the nightmare, mother in law stories that seem to be the norm in our society. She has been a blessing, in her generosity and thoughtfulness to provide love and support, to not only her son, but the woman who married him.

Also, anyone that grows a child, is a mother. Whether that child grows up with you personally, if you had to make the hard choice of placing them up for adoption, or if you have had the ultimate tragedy of miscarrying. You are still a mother and we take today to celebrate you all. There is so much sacrificial love that goes into being a parent. Including, making that hard decision of adoption. But we commend you too. We commend you for putting the needs of the child before your own. I can not even imagine the pain. But we celebrate you too. Because that still makes you a mom.

That sacrificial love is a type of love that will be worth it. To see your child grow up into the person that God has created them to be, has to be such a rewarding experience. To watch the child you have trained and loved for years, grow up and venture out on their own to create their own experiences and their own memories, and to make their own mistakes. Understanding and realizing, that they will always have a home.

Thank you to moms everywhere. Today might technically be Mother’s Day, but you all deserve to be celebrated everyday. Because being a parent is hard. I remember what I was like as a young adult and teen and I can not even begin to express the remorse for the things I said to her in the heat of the moment. Or refusing help when I needed it most. She never gave up on me. Moms never give up on their kids. We recognize you all for your loving, kind, and resilient spirit to love us and be there for us, despite wanting to bang our head against the wall sometimes.

When I become a mom someday, I hope I can be half as good as my mom is to me. She has taught me what it means to never give up, even when it gets hard. To never forget to appreciate the little things. To always put God first and to trust that His plan is the best plan. Those are things that I can not wait to implement into my own children’s upbringing one day. Love God and love others. ♥️ 

Happy Mother’s Day to all you incredible moms.

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