Preparing Your Heart For Change

Change is inevitable. You can’t fight it. You can not stop it from happening. People change. Your circumstances change. You develop, you grow, you figure out the call God has on your life and run full force after it.

Change may be something that we can’t stop, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy. Having things stay the same is comfortable. The unknown of change is the hard part. Having no control over the outcome because it is different and new territory. It is a whole different ball game when you are trying to prepare your heart for a change that you know is coming and have known for many months.

My sister has always been someone I thought would leave some day. Not in the way that it sounds, but growing up I knew she was not ever going to be content just staying in the small town that we grew up in. She was a traveler, someone who wanted to see the world. That was her personality. She never hid what was on her mind, unless she had a mind for no one to find out. There was no in between. She either would tell you or she wouldn’t. Her heart for Jesus just explodes into her daily life and anyone who knows her, knows that that is the most important thing to her. She has been ready and willing to go to the ends of the earth to fulfill His call for her life which is what she is preparing to do as we head into 2021.

God placed a prompting on her heart for missions. That has been evident for a long time. Once He gave her the place He wanted her to go, we knew it was only a matter of time before that became her reality. South Korea was the destination. We have always known that her heart lies there. We knew it would happen someday. However, someday has come sooner than we thought. As we are less than a year out of her scheduled departure, it has been a lot of preparing for what is to come. Not seeing her as much. Her safety. The very real possibility that she will see my first child being born over FaceTime and that child not getting to meet her aunt until months later. It has been a lot of preparing my heart for the change that will inevitably take place when she leaves. Preparing my heart that my baby sister will be a day’s worth of travel away, on the other side of the world. I am so crazy proud of her, but this is a change that will be very different for our family. A change we haven’t experienced before.

The way we can prepare our hearts for the change that will, without a doubt happen, is to understand that the change taking place is not always bad. To make the most of everyday that we are given. To spend time with your loved ones, laugh, make memories, and to not dwell on the changes that we inevitably can’t control. Some things just happen. As much control as we want to have over certain situations, more than likely, it won’t ever happen the way we want it to. Change is one of those things that we can’t stop and we can’t control.

Once my sister leaves, there will be a new dynamic. A new normal that we will have to get used to. It’s hard when it feels like a piece of your heart has grown wings and flown away…..all the way to South Korea. We may butt heads a lot, but she is someone that has inspired me, challenged me, and someone that I know has always had my back. She has pushed me to step outside my comfort zone and has shown me what it means to have a servant’s heart. She loves fearlessly, pursues with out fear, and is the definition of someone who is bold, chasing after God’s heart with no abandon.
It definitely will not be the same, but she is about to embark on a wild adventure and I could not be more happy or proud of her. So many people are going to be blessed by her willingness and desire to follow God’s call no matter where that leads.

Looking ahead, it is hard to imagine her not being here. Many significant life moments will happen without her being present. That is another hard thing about change. Moving on from the way life used to be, and embracing the way life is going to be from now on. Preparing your heart for change is not a destination, it is a journey. You will have days where the change that is happening around you, will feel suffocating. It will feel like too many things are changing all at the same time. However, through all of that, we have the opportunity to grow, to learn, and to embrace the changes as we reminisce on the memories.

One of the things I try to remind myself, is that God will always remain constant.
No matter what changes are happening around me or the chaos that seems to be ensuing, His love for me will not change. He is my rock, my solid ground, even when the world around me seems to be crumbling. That is a promise all of us can hold tight to.

Remember, change will inevitably happen, but it is how we respond to those changes that can make or break us. If we try to fight the changes, we will miss out on the things God is trying to teach us through that season. If we embrace the changes and trust that God’s plan is so much better than ours, then we can truly rest in His arms and view those changes as His best for us.

Our hearts may never be fully prepared for the changes that are happening, but we can take small steps to make sure that our lives are not derailed due to the changes. We can take small steps to make sure that we are not just fixating on the changes and in turn, miss out on the memorable moments in between. The choice is ours. Are you going to fight against the change or embrace the change? God already knows the outcome and will be with you every step of the way.

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