Unity Was Never Supposed To Be Broken

The year 2020 will always be remembered. An impeachment trial. A nation wide pandemic. Racial injustice. Maybe this is what our world needed for us to open our eyes? What if this is the wake up call we needed? For revival. For a deep awakening that goes far beyond what we ever could have imagined. Instead of asking when is this year going to end? What if we asked, “God, what are you trying to teach us? What do we need to see that has been ignored? “

I have not said anything in relation to the most recent events. It is not because I don’t care. It is because I care so deeply, that it has been hard to fully express the deepest heartbreak I have for George Floyd’s family; the heartbreak I have for every life that has been taken out of hatred; every life that was taken too soon, solely based on the fact that they looked different. We need to do better. I have been trying to process through a lot of different emotions. Anger. Sadness. Just feeling broken, for our city, for our nation, for our brothers and sisters in Christ who fear for their lives in ways they shouldn’t. I can walk down the street at night, or go for a run, and not think twice about being stopped or fearing for my life. Others do not have that sense of security. That is where we have failed. Others shouldn’t have to worry about their safety. It is a fear that never should have entered into their thought process.

I truly wish I could understand. This is not talked about enough. The true reality of every situation, not being tainted by the media, is not broadcasted enough. It should not be what gets them more views, but what we, as a nation, as a united people, are doing to make a difference. To make a change. People need to hear. They need to listen. They need to truly understand what a problem this is.

I am white. However, I will not apologize for it. God created me this way and so many other individuals. I stand with you though. I see you. I see the hurt, the pain, the anger at our system being as broken as it is. Where this seems to happen more times than it should with no repercussions. You deserve to have a voice. A voice where people can somewhat gain an understanding of what you all are going through. I truly apologize that the actions of so many people has tainted the unity that we were supposed to live in. I’m sorry that your individuality has been wrongly taken from you. God made you beautiful. He knows your hearts more intimately than any of us ever will. The fact that you are judged solely based on your skin color, is abominable.

He made us all unique. He crafted us so that we would have individuality and then be able to come together in unity, working towards a common goal: to help further His kingdom. The unity that He died for was never meant to be broken. Our world advertises me and self. When we should look at others more important than ourselves. And put their needs above our own. If Christ loves us a much as He does, despite us not deserving even a quarter of it, then we should be able to love others the same. To slay ourselves at the foot of the cross and chase obediently after the heart of God so that we can love others better.

All lives matter, yes. However it goes far beyond that. We can not say all lives matter, when people of a different race are still constantly being treated so differently and harshly based solely on their outward appearance. All lives can’t matter until we see the heart of the person and not just the color of their skin. All lives can’t matter until we stop passing judgement on individuals without even knowing them. This is not about elevating one race above the other. This is not about elevating one person above the other. Only the name of Jesus Christ should ever be elevated. However, it is asking ourselves what we can do to make a change, because something has to. This was not the kind of world we were supposed to live in.

Jesus prayed for unity. It mattered so much to Him. He has showed us continually how beautiful unity truly is. His precious children, all of us, were never supposed to be divided. If it mattered that much to Him, it should matter to us too. May we have a heart that loves like He loves and may we not be content to just sit and watch what is happening. May we have a voice that cries out to God for His intended unity to invade back into our cities and nation.

May we never stop praying for redemption, revival, and an awakening in our souls. ❤

“For Christ himself has brought peace to us. He united Jews and Gentiles into one people when, in his own body on the cross, he broke down the wall of hostility that separated us. He did this by ending the system of law with its commandments and regulations. He made peace between Jews and Gentiles by creating in himself one new people from the two groups. Together as one body, Christ reconciled both groups to God by means of his death on the cross, and out hostility toward each other was put to death.” ~ Ephesians 2:14-16

“I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.”
~ John 17:23

“This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins. Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other.” ~ 1 John 4:10-11

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