The World Above the Clouds

Before take off, my heart was threatening to beat a whole through my chest. The plane felt smaller than it actually was, the air felt stifling. People breathing the same air for an extended period of time, can make anyone feel like they are trying to breathe through a dense fog. I love to travel, but airplanes have never been my favorite. For example, dealing with motion sickness since I was a young girl, to fearing for the mechanics of the plane. Flying has never been my favorite. However, my love for travel, has always beat out the worse case scenarios in my mind of what could go wrong while we are in the air. Understanding that God has angels on all sides of the aircraft, helps put my mind at ease too.

I knew my anxiety was just my mind running rampant and I was not about to let that ruin the adventure of being thousands of feet above the ground. Then God gave me these thoughts on the world above the clouds. I was able to rest and relax, knowing, that most people do not get the opportunity to see His creation from a birds eye view; or just the sun and blue skies when the whole world below is dark, gray, and the snow has not stopped all morning. It is like two separate worlds. I would have missed it, if I did not trust that God always knows what He is doing. Even if everything else seems completely out of our control, He is the captain of our lives, always for us and never against us.

Still. Calm. Serene.

The world below the clouds is dark, gray, people pass by without so much as a smile. The birds above the clouds sing each other’s songs. The clouds create a barrier to the world below. It is quiet, peaceful, you slow down to a pace that is unheard of. Below, it is loud, restless, and cold. Life rushes by like the world outside of an airplane. The lies are loud, the world is clamoring to try and get your attention with sparkly things and distractions. However, above the clouds, it is creation. It is God’s creation. The blue skies, the sun that has not dared peek through the clouds to the world below. It comes to you as it is. Nothing is being added, nothing is trying to distract you from its pure beauty. So often we get caught up in the business of life that life slowly starts to pass us by. We are not as inclined to view the rain as beautiful. We are not as inclined to take time out of our day to watch the sun rise or set. It seems inconvenient, not at all the way God intended.

With the world above the clouds, it shows His incredible power. The world below is a speck, but He is speaking loud and clear. He is showing us and telling us to be still and know that He is God. To put away everything this world tells us is valuable, and look at the world He created as the real thing. Above the clouds, the world is not dictating our feelings or trying to distract us. God is speaking loud and clear and saying “ Look to Me. I got you. The world may be loud, but I’m louder, even in the quietest moments. The world may be distracting, but I am here, continually fighting for you to keep you gaze on Me. The world might be singing a different tune, but rest easy my child, I have overcome the world. Soon everyone, will be singing My song.”

Despite the world below the clouds, God created us for a specific purpose. He created us to be loud for Him. He created us to tell people about His amazing truth. So the world might be dark and loud, but our God will one day, bring heaven down to earth. We have an opportunity to be a light amidst the darkness. Break our hearts for what breaks Yours Father. Let the world above the clouds, help us to slow down, be still, and take the time to view your beauty for what it truly is….


These were some extended thoughts He gave me during our flight to Florida in February. Sorry it took me so long to post them. The world above the clouds was an interesting concept to me as I slowed down and truly took in the world outside the plane window. It was beautiful. It was calming. It was still. It was God saying, “ Focus your eyes on Me. Do not be distracted by what the world is telling you is important. I love you. I’m here for you.”

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

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