The Lion King: Kingdom Symbolism

“Remember who you are.” 🦁 👑 🌅

I remember watching this movie as a kid and viewing it through a completely different lens than the one I viewed it through a couple weeks ago. When you view anything through the lens of being Kingdom focused, it is truly amazing the symbolism you can find.

I am currently in a discipleship program at my church and absolutely loving it! God has been revealing so many incredible things to me about my life and who He has called me to be. I have made, not just people I can call my friends, but family. People who I trust to not use my vulnerability to their own advantage. People who love me for me. I do not feel the need to be fake around them and that was a huge mindset shift for me, but one I was glad to make. During one of our class days, they decided to have us watch Lion King. However, they challenged us to view it through the lens of the Kingdom, looking for different aspects of Kingdom symbolism throughout it. I was excited. I was ready to see what God was going to show me through this childhood favorite.

With snacks in hand and blankets and slippers the apparel for the afternoon, we settled in for an hour and a half of viewing this movie through a lens we may not have thought to otherwise. This class has been a blessing. God is such a good, good Father. They are such genuine and authentic people. To be able to laugh and feel known in a group of people I’ve only known for a month, has been truly amazing. A true God thing. That is the only way I can explain it.

Familia ♥️

We cried together. We laughed together. We sang the songs by heart. All in all, a great afternoon of bonding. We then sat down to discuss what was revealed to us through the movie and how Kingdom Symbolism weaved its way throughout.

Here are 3 things that stood out to me:

1. What characteristics of Mufasa can you relate to him being like the Father? Did you connect personally to any parts of these scenes with Mufasa?

He was always there for his son. When Simba found himself in trouble, Mufasa dropped everything to go rescue him. At that moment, nothing was more important than finding his son and making sure that he was okay. 

One of the scenes I connected with personally, was the scene when Mufasa had just rescued him from the Elephant Graveyard and was expressing his deep disappointment in him. He was terrified of the fact that he could have easily died. You could tell how much he cared for him. One of the ways he let him know how much he loved him, was to offer his correction in what he did wrong. Like any father does. When we mess up, God does the same thing. He fills us with a spirit of conviction, and He leads us and guides us in the way that we should go, turning our mindsets away from the sin that we committed. 

When Mufasa expressed that and then looked mischievously at his son before wrestling with him, that really stuck out to me. Mainly in the fact that even though Mufasa had to correct him, Simba still knew how much he loved him.

2. How did Scar metaphorically resemble the enemy in the Bible? How did Scar affect the choices Simba made? How does this connect to Adam and Eve in the Garden?

In my opinion, Scar resembled the enemy because he was always after what someone else had, and he was willing to do anything to get it. He was filled with hatred, resentment, anger, pride, and a manipulative spirit that caused him to ultimately commit murder in hopes of gaining the keys to the kingdom. He only saw what he wanted, never taking into account the feelings and lives of others around him. His selfishness eventually caused everyone to turn their back on him. 

Scar affected the choices Simba made because he stabbed the knife into his main insecurities, eventually making him forget who he truly was. First, it was making the Elephant Graveyard sound so appealing that Simba could not pass it up. And then it was making him think that he had killed his father, his best friend. He made him feel like he was worth nothing and that no one would look at him the same again. 

That connects to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden because when Satan tempted them into committing the first sin, he made it sound like God was keeping something from them. Something that would make them like God; a characteristic that sounded too good at that moment to pass up. Satan wanted them to forget who God made them to be and get them unconnected from the source. Scar wanted Simba to feel bad enough and forget who he was, so that he would feel like he would have no choice but to leave and get as far away from his family as possible. He wanted to get him unconnected from those who truly loved and cared for him.

3. The Pride Rock Moment: Be strong and take courage. What is one thing about your identity or purpose that you feel God is calling you to step into that you may have thought you couldn’t before? Maybe the Holy Spirit is calling you to let go of a lie about yourself or in your life. Maybe there’s a word or truth he’s calling you to embrace about your identity and/or a purpose he is saying you have what it takes to do in his strength.

One of the things that I have struggled with is believing that I can not move past my mistakes. That my past mistakes define who I am. However, I have realized that that is far from the truth. For so long, I lived in the past and did not think that I was worthy enough to move past the mistakes I made and accept forgiveness from the Lord. It has been an ongoing process of stepping into the life that the Lord has always wanted for me, a life filled with freedom from past fear, anxiety, and shame. The Holy Spirit has been telling me to let go and let Him do His work in my life. Not to continue punishing myself to pay for the mistakes that I made. 

He has been telling me to embrace the forgiveness that He has been wanting to give me all along. He paid for my sins on the cross and it was a burden I was never supposed to put solely on my shoulders. He gave us the gift of His Son so that we could have freedom, so that we could have hope. 

My life is different because of Christ. He has shown me what it means to fully live in the forgiveness and grace that He freely wants to give all of us. The words that come to mind are forgiveness and freedom; two words that God has really been speaking to me about. For so long I refused to walk in those truths that He had for me, not feeling like they were for me. I had messed up too badly. However, He has been showing me that I am His precious daughter and He has always been there to welcome me home.

I was truly amazed at how much symbolism there was as I watched this movie as an adult versus a child. Granted, there can be the complete opposite. Society will try to take your focus off of real truth and get you to believe lies about yourself. Please, do not let it. Cement yourself in who God says you are, not in who society is making you out to be. I challenge you to view things differently. Try to view the Kingdom in more ways than one. However, always be conscious and prepared for the opposite to find its way in too. Stand firm in God’s promises and who He has created you to be. A loved and chosen child in His kingdom. That is one thing that life will try to take your eyes away from. Do not let it.

You are beautiful. You are loved. You are cherished. No one should be able to take that away from you. God loves you more than anyone could.

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